Interior floor

Removable modular flooring for interiors

Main features

  • Recessed technical floor composed of tiles supported on galvanized steel floors.
  • Adjustable floors in height, to respond to the needs of the ground.
  • It facilitates the passage of installations under the pavement and avoids masonry works.
  • Wide range of possibilities at our disposal, both in top finish and in the core of the tiles that will be different according to the requirements of the client and the use to which they are intended.

Technical agglomerate and sulphate floors, covered by the best coatings

The technical floors of Lizabarrased are composed of two basic elements:

  • The tiles
  • The structure
The new technical floor conductive tiles prevent any accumulation of static electricity in the floor.

Tiles finishes

Special encapsulated wood or sulphate tiles for self-supporting coatings.

  1. Stratified tile
  2. Porcelain finish tile
  3. PVC tile – LINOLEUM


The structure is the essential component in all technical floor systems.

  • Zinc plated steel floors for light and medium floor system.
  • Zinc plated steel floors for medium and heavy floor system.
  • Zinc plated steel floors for high heights.



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