Technical floors


A raised technical floor is a modular floor composed of panels supported on a height adjustable structure. Between the floor and the lower face of the raised floor, a chamber is created to house the technical infrastructures. These panels have the advantage that they are recordable, that is, they can be lifted, thus facilitating accessibility to the facilities at any point.

The floor or plot is the element responsible for giving the floor the necessary height, to allow the passage of facilities between it and the floor. Therefore, its height will depend on the type of facilities that are planned to house, whether they are only electrical, sanitation or air conditioning.

The most used floors or plots are made of plastic, such as polypropylene.

Outdoors, the technical floors are very useful for terraces that can be moved and in swimming pool areas, since they make it easy to get under the traffic surface a space that allows the necessary slopes for the evacuation of rainwater to be accommodated. Thus, the panels in this case will be arranged with open joints for water drainage.

The floors or plots must have enough inertia to stabilize the assembly. The union between the floor and the panel must provide some movement that absorbs the expansion differential of both materials.

El floor o plot es el elemento encargado de dar al pavimento la altura necesaria, para permitir el paso de instalaciones entre éste y el forjado. Por lo tanto, su altura dependerá del tipo de instalaciones que esté previsto que aloje, bien sean solo eléctricas, de saneamiento o aire acondicionado.


  • Eliminate architectural barriers.

  • Flat and level surfaces on irregular floors or slopes.

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation.

  • Plots adjustable in height continuously and accurately. Each support plot can be adapted to the desired height.

  • Obtaining surfaces of great quality and beauty by placing the floor tiles of Tecno pavement can be paved with different surface finishes and colors.

  •  Ease and speed in the assembly of plastic and tile bases, obtaining results of approximately 6 m2 / hour.

  •  According to the needs of the project and characteristics of the use, a typology of plots will be selected.




  • Obtaining flat paved surfaces on sloping floors, correcting the unevenness with bases of different inclination, without limitation in degrees of unevenness.

  • Paveable floor for intensive pedestrian traffic, being able to place on the paving equipment and facilities of the building.

  • The raised floor allows to project floors for different needs, modify it without having to carry out masonry works, reduce the time and costs of installation and maintenance.

  • It is a versatile system capable of combining functionality with design and aesthetics.



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